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  • Solvent Red 196

    Solvent Red 196

    Product name:Solvent red 196 CAS NO.:52372-36-8 Solvent Red 196 is a high-quality red powder with exceptional fluorescence and excellent heat stability. This chemical compound is known for its ability to color a variety of plastics, including polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, and polycarbonate mat...
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  • Direct Yellow 5GL

    Direct Yellow 5GL

    CAS NO.10190-68-8 C.I.NO.Direct Yellow 27 Introducing our newest product, Direct Yellow 5GL – the ultimate solution for all your dyeing needs! This amazing new dyeing agent is crafted from the finest Direct Yellow 27 and offers unbeatable quality and results. Our Direct Yellow 5GL dye is pe...
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  • Solvent Blue 97

    Solvent Blue 97

    Solvent Blue 97 is perfect for various types of plastic dyeing, offering a high level of performance and excellent results. Let’s dive deeper into their features and benefits. Firstly, it offer high thermal stability, making them ideal for use in high-temperature environments. It is also hi...
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  • Holiday Notice

    Holiday Notice

    Here is our holiday schedules of May Day,which is from Apr.29th to May 3rd. But still welcome your product inquiry.We will reply on reading it. Our strong colors are Acid Red 73,Direct Red 23,Acid Nigrosine,Sulphur Black,Basic Aruamine O for paper,Direct Yellow 96,Acid Blue 93,Solvent Blue 97,sol...
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  • Acid Nigrosine

    Acid Nigrosine

    CAS NO:8005-03-6 C.I.NO.Acid Black 2 Introducing the versatile and highly effective Acid Nigrosine, also known as Nigrosine Water Soluble. This black shining crystal with a maximum wavelength of 570nm is a highly soluble dye that finds application in various industries, including leather dyeing, ...
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  • Acid Blue 93

    Acid Blue 93

    Product Name:Acid Ink Blue G C.I.No.:Acid Blue 93 CAS No.:28983-56-4 Acid Ink Blue G is a water-soluble acidic dye, belonging to the triphenylmethane series. It is obtained by sulfonation and neutralization of alcohol soluble blue, and is in the form of a reddish brown powder. It is easily solubl...
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  • Paper Dyes

    Paper Dyes

      There are many kinds of dyes commonly used in paper industry and their basic characteristics, and the classification methods are also different. Different kinds of dyes have different dyeing properties due to their different structures. Natural dyes are used for early dyeing. Due to their weak ...
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  • Solvent Green 5

    Solvent Green 5

    Name: Fluorescent Yellow 8G CAS:2744-50-5 Unlike pigments, the dissolution of Solvent Green 5 achieves fusion by losing its crystal structure and becoming the molecular chain of the polymer during the processing of plastic polymers. It is mainly used for the coloring of polyolefin, ABS, PC, PS, ...
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  • Application of Basic Rhodamine B

    Application of Basic Rhodamine B

    Basic Rhodamine B is a kind of dark green powder, which is easily soluble in water. It is a dye for cloth, paper products or cosmetics. It is mostly alkaline and will not cause any harm even if it is directly contacted with human skin. So how to use Basic Rhodamine B to dye, and what are the meth...
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  • Dyeing Mechanism of Leather Dyes

    Dyeing Mechanism of Leather Dyes

    Leather dyes are compounds that make leather clear and hard. The physical and chemical processes of leather dyeing design, such as the adsorption from the dyeing bath to the leather surface, the diffusion from the leather surface to the leather interior, and the fixation in the leather interior, ...
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  • Solvent Dyes

    Solvent Dyes

    Solvent dyes are named because they can be dissolved in various organic solvents. Solvent dyes are widely used and closely related to people’s life. Solvent dyes are mainly used for fuel oil coloration, paraffin coloration, and a large number of dyes are used for plastics, organic glass and...
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  • Cationic Red X-3R/Basic Violet 16

    Cationic Red X-3R/Basic Violet 16

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